During this week’s COSI Webdev meeting I covered topics for CS Outreach as well as other misc. topics.

I first talked about using CSS Custom Properties to style the v2 COSI main navbar on the top of most pages. We decided that even though Edge doesn’t support custom properties yet, we still will be going on with it.

Next we began laying out more ideas for the first few pages of the CS Outreach website. On the front page, we were commenting that the hero image could either be a collage of photos or possibly a slideshow that could slide through images every 10 seconds. Also, Abby commented that it would be cool to have a timeline to show a list of events that have gone on as part of CS Outreach. Also, I updated everyone that we now have both an email address and domain name for the program.

As well, Jared suggested a way to be able to search in Meeting Minutes as well as Project Updates, which I will be looking into to see if it is possible to do with Jekyll and Github Pages.