During this week’s COSI Webdev meeting, we continued our discussion about Clarkson University CS Outreach, the idea surrounding projects including Hour of Code, IgniteCS, and other projects.

We’ve condensed our ideas about webpages for the site to include:

  • Homepage: a page to include a quick overview on who we are and a short history of our creation
  • Programs: A page for a list of programs we put on and are involved with including Hour of Code, our Project Challenge class, as well as others. Each program will include a seperate page just for content on that program.
  • Sponsors: A page for our sponsors who help us make our vision a possibility
  • Resources: A place to find more resources on topics we discuss in our programs.
  • Media: A place for press releases / photo albums involving CS Outreach.
  • Conact: A page to allow people to contact us.

Further, we wanted to make it more formal and involving the entirity of CS at Clarkson rather than just be a program that COSI puts on. Some ideas included having a top level subdomain & email for the program, and I’ll be talking with various CS Professors about this during the week of Jan 23.