These are notes taken from the fourth COSI Webdev team meeting, which can be found in presentation form here. Benjamin discussed updates on the following projects:

This meeting, we discussed ideas on how to improve our Mirror and Dubsdot pages, and implementing a CS Outreach page overarching our current igniteCS homepage. Some of the things we talked about were:

  • Mirror
    • Implementing a consistent style across site, text in middle of page.
  • Dubsdot
    • Loading cosi-nav straight from Dubsdot.
    • Having descriptive icons within currently implemented link boxes.
  • CS Outreach
    • Implementing a site for all CS outreach programs and projects.
    • Easy-to-follow link for project challenge mentees.
    • Would link to current igniteCS website, as well as any other future programs.
    • Hero image. [See official Google igniteCS page for example.
    • Press release page.
    • Contact page.
    • Sponsor page.
    • Resources page
    • Tutorials, downloads, useful pages etc.
    • Pictures, make the site prettier.

Over the next week, Benjamin will design a CS Outreach site mockup. We’ll discuss changes to this design and new ideas next Sunday, and from there start implementing the website. Hope everyone had a great break!