This past sunday, we had a short meeting for COSI Webdev. Mainly, I went through each site and discussed some improvements to them. Some examples inlcuded:

  • Talks: I’ve discussed in the past plenty of times, but Talks should eventually have a mobile friendly version. I might just work on it over december break.

  • Fsuvius: Although Fsuvius already works on Mobile, it can be likely touched up with a cleaner UI.

  • COSI History: At the moment there isn’t much style to the site, so we can possibly plan at the beginning of next semester on some ideas for the design of the website.

As well, if anyone has some comments on any of the particular sites, Visit their repository on the COSI-Lab github page and post an issue. Try to add a label on the issue to specify what it is (bug report, enhancement, etc.).

We will not be having a meeting this upcoming Sunday, Nov 27, but the following Sunday we will. Have a good Thanksgiving everyone!