This is some notes for the first COSI Webdev Meeting. I discussed all of the current web projects including

  • Dubsdot
  • Docs
  • Fsuvius
  • Gitlab
  • History
  • CSLabs Homepage
  • The-Internet
  • Management
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Project Updates
  • Print
  • Talks
  • Derpy Sayings
  • Mirror Website
  • Scheduler

Then, I went into that the web is now modern, clean, fast, and responsive due to huge accomplishments over the past decade. Further on, COSI Webdev is going to be a group that can learn from each other through inputting each of our unique skills to the group. My proposed projects included

  • COSI History: A digital scrapbook / reference for COSI through the years.
  • Talks: Needing a mobile friendly version
  • COSI StyleGuide: A site to have as a base for all other branching projects.

Finally, I suggested that it would be good to meet once a week during the weekends and I gave a couple resources including Dubsdot, FreeCodeCamp, and COSI-Lab on GitHub. Everyone who attended was sent an invite to the Github organization and can start contributing to projects.

This upcoming weekend, I’ll be holding a workshop on the GitHub workflow as well as pushing updates to project-updates.