As the semester has fully come to a close as of yesterday, preparations for the upcoming semester is underway. One project that we would like to introduce is a series of workshops that will give people foreign to Linux an introduction to the community and workflow. This will include workshops that include topics such as everyday Linux, Git, Vim, and many others.

Both Michael and I are interested in leading some of these workshops, but if anyone else is interested in contributing, email me and we can add your idea to a list of things that will be advertised around campus during the beginning of the school year. what you are interested in teaching. One way that I think would make these worth going to, especially for new students and/or new members of COSI would be a set of resourses that go with every workshop. This would include the slides that were presented in the workshop (if you plan on having a workshop as part of it), as well as a one page cheat sheet that people can go back to for a nice reference for the technology discussed in the workshop.

I think that this is an extremly good idea to introduce tools that people who use Linux as their daily driver take for granted. We have plans for more projects for this upcoming semester, but we’ll be releasing more information on them later this summer.