We went over our plans for heading over to Hack Upstate. The event happens in two weeks from today, and we are planning on bringing 5-10 people. Since doors open at 11am, we are thinking of leaving Clarkson at 8am so we can get down to Syracuse and find some parking with time to spare. The two costs of the trip would be gas and parking, which we averaged to be at max $50 per car, which split between everyone should be fairly inexpensive. We should be arriving back on campus at the lastest around 7pm on Sunday evening.

We then went and began brainstorming on what we want to do. We do have hardware like Arduinos, Rasberry Pis, and the Leap motion that we could use to make something. As well, we discussed that a good idea would be something that was either educational or useful to a community. Some ideas were things like a desktop enviornment that ran in a web browser (kinda like Chromebooks) on a Pi, and a app that you could search how to solve non-911 emergencies that are relevant to people in their late teens to twenties (ex: how to change oil in a car).

Since we have only 24 hours, we want to make something simple enough that can be done in a day, but expanded upon in the future afterwards. We plan on having more meetings to plan for more ideas in the future. If anyone is interested in joining, talk to either myself (lannonbr@clarkson.edu) or Michael Fulton (fultonms@clarkson.edu)