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Docs and new solutions for it

Cameron, Ryan - It might be easier to port docs to a new system. Wiki style docs make sense for documentation. Want to find a new docs system the supports markdown. Port as much relevant data and remove the old stuff.

Here are the examples


Templating is an eromously useful tool that the current docs does very well.

Next Week we will vote.

Mac Mini???

Hunter Bashaw - There are cosinauts who’ve demostrated that they want to do IOS development. Macmini is getting added to the queue.

256gig is $1000 128gig is $800

It’s getting bought tonight!

LaTeX workshop?

(!Josh => Josh) - Lots of interest in a LaTeX workshop. Sending out a when-to-me!


Grm - Lots of interest for the workshop. Sending out a when-to-me!

The computers in the corner

Jsh - The all in ones computers aren’t being used.

Program to remove files from ITL machines

Cameron - It’s happening but there are hurdles to go over

Lightning Talk

brainf**k, which is an actual programming language…

Lucas Amanna - There is a language called brainfuck. It’s esoteric xD. Gives cool example on looping.

Chris - I wrote a brain fuck interpeter in brain fuck.

I made a new brainfuck

Jsh - Everyone knows what BF is now. So jsh wrote portal fuck. NOW YOUR THINKING IN PORTALS. 2d brainfuck with portals I don’t even know how to write minutes on this.


37538 - The phones are turning complete… TJ demostrated the fib sequence and the natural numbers and how he had to write a c module for astrisk.

IBM PS/2 fun

Cameron - Old school IBM machines. We had 3 machines, now there are 2 working because fire. IBM DOS 5. It runs BASIC, BASIC A and BASIC Q.

i stole things from canton

Grm - Kitty demostration. Grm basically copied Suny canton game design entry ciriculum. Kitty programming things are written in a python style language.

Project Updates

Paper VM

Josh**p (mod p) - If p is a prime that’s just Josh. Paper VM just works it’s going to get a static ip and DNS record


Program to remove old ITL files

Ryan - Going to be cleaning the lab machines of useless junk every day. Both Ryan if you want your home directory.

Sky Factory

Thomas - Sky Factory minecraft server. Modded Sky Block.

AFRL Incoming

Josh && Andy - Next wednesday at 11:40 AM there are 2 people from Air Force Research Laboratory and are coming to clarkson.

Two accepted students days… again

(Andy => Josh) && Andy - Accepted students day 2 weeks in a row next semester. High schoolers that apply here and get accepted and visit.

OS development?

Cameron - Cameron is going to start trying to do OS development on the IBM machines. Mildly interest from the crowd.

After Meeting Slot

ITL Machines

Cameron - running a script to clean the ITL machines and there are some wrinkles to work out.