The Clarkson Open Source Institute is Clarkson University’s fully student-run Computer Science Labs. COSI is a place that encourages open source software and technologies. Meetings are held in COSI every Wednesday evening at 7:00pm while school is in Session.

Meetings Consist of mainly 4 sections, the forum, lightning talks, project updates & announcements, and the after meeting slot. The forum is a place to discuss formal topics going on in the labs like purchasing hardware. Lightning talks are 5 minutes talks anyone can give about something they found that may interest people in the labs. Project updates and announcements is a time for anyone to talk about the projects they’ve been working on in COSI or any relevant events going on around campus. Finally, the after meeting slot can include workshops or talks that wouldn’t fit into a normal lightning talk.

You can find more information about COSI at our website or stop by COSI on campus at Science Center 336