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New Secraty

Fortran - Chris is the new secraty! Hopefully this goes well >.>

RIP Epson Scan.

Cameron - Trying to scan things but Epson is dead. Either need a new scanner or but a lot of resources to fix it. Possible set up a new windows VM or Cameron will find a new scanner to buy at next fourm.

Resorting the book shelf

Fortran - It’s very difficult to find books and they’re left everywhere. Proposing a sort by topic. Andy is going to go through and re-organize. There are also some books on the second floor which should be sorted.

The Entrepreneurial Birds and Bees

cooper - Cooper and Andy are going on friday to the business professor about what business teams should prepare before coming into COSI.

Paper VM

Josh - Overleaf sucks!!! Josh wants to create a VM to do latex editing with git. Everyone agrees this would be awesome.

Keeping the labs organized and clean

Fortran - The lab isn’t clean. The lab director is reminding us to clean after ourselves.

What is wrong with docs?

Jeanna - docs/ isn’t working… Nobody is currently working on it. TJ is looking into it.

Free Pizza

Hunter - thanks professor yao

Lightning Talk

Games in Godot

Grm - Missing in action

Social media alternatives

Jeanna - We all have social media. Facebook allows false and misleading claims to be advertised while twitter has banded all political ads. Jeanna doesn’t believe that free speach protects the right to amplification of speach. There are rules against of amplification, for example the fcc has broadcasting rules. The issue is social media hasn’t caught up yet. Jeanna has deleted the facebook app from her phone and she’s started using facebook less. Mastidon is an alternative and the are many things built on GNU social.

Halloween in the labs (videos and pictures/history)

Jeanna - Just some highlights of halloween 2019. As well as an old april fools day story of an all school email gone wrong.


KnightRide - Jeffery, Ryan and Jacob. Clarkson Uber. It’s about keeping friends safe in and around campus. 97% of students think they would use the app. Many people don’t trust campus securtiy. The team included wireframes. Looking for 1 cosinaut to further design wireframes with compesation. Presentation on November 22, if funded then they are interested in staying on and doing. The team is offering a deal for equity and partnership.

AIES the saga

Jeanna/Josh/Hunter/Marzieh and others :-) - MarziJeanna/Josh/Hunter/Marzieh wrote a paper due 7 am november 5th. They finished! Josh and Marzieh tried working outside but got rained in.


Ryan - This is about VM containers. You can emulate the hardware of a vm. Tiamat has lxc running. lxc allows easy vm creatation. Victim, everyone has sudo and you as a manager have a TON of access to the vm.


Ryan - Cameron and Rany attended the CNY hackathon. They have food but no rooms and you need your own ride. A group of l33t h@ck3rs are trying to hack your network (that they created for you). So you have to break into the machines and play wack a mole against red team. There is also a CTF challenge running in parrel and you get points for having service maintained on your network. At the CNY hackathon your team is chosen for you. You can join in April!

I met the travelling salesman

Josh - Meant a business man who’s business model involved solving the travelings salesman. The business man described the model as it’s some kind of “greedy” algorithim which accidently gave us all his exact solution.

Chris - A talk about how the clarkson library is vulnerable to XSS attacks and about what XSS is.

May as well tell you about scan/ since I just fixed it

TJ - Scan/ is a complicated service. The front end calls a script, which remotes to a windows xp vm on hydra which use usb to get a file which is ftp to dubstop which is recorded to the user?


Cooper speaking on behalf of * - It’s like tinder but for people that wanna fight. Looking for devs plz. REMEMBER rule 1 of Matchbox is don’t talk about Matchbox. This a huge meme…

Project Updates

MP 151 Presentation (Sorry Jeanna)

Jonathan - MP * class calculator projects. Playing with infinity. Area between 2 curves. Volumes. Stratego. Lightning talk on TI-BASIC. Volumes was Jon’s favorite



Hunter - Just installed fushia on a computer.

Turtle Bot

Chris - Started working on the turtle bot 3 and it drives! I had to

Fortran Workshop (but what version)

Fortran - Fortan 18 workshop is happening

Gen 2 on a chromebook

Cameron - Cameron and Ryan is working on it. Crazy stuff. GCC is compiled.

Project Challenge in the Spring

Jeanna - Teaching high school students ~the start of school for 5 saturdays.

Small update on the OIT project (M&Ms, not necessarily Javascript)

Jeanna - JS is not required for the OIT M&Ms project. OIT will still pay you!

Some open house details

Jeanna - 24 students and guests each. Be there by 10am signup on the board.

Go Workshop

Hunter Bashaw - Go is a language hunter is going give a workshop on it!

Faculty Candidates and you

Jeanna - Reach out to the cs faculty if you have comments or concerns about any of the professors stoping through COSI recently. Did you learn something from them? Would you like to work with them?

3D Printer Workshop???

Hunter - Hunter learned over the summer how to use a 3d printer. Do you want to learn how to? Wait for hunter to release details on a workshop.

PineBook Pro

Hunter - Pinebook is a small business out of the uk who make a $200 opensource arm based chromebook style laptop. NOW WITH A US KEYBOARD.

Tell me when docs/ inevitably goes down

TJ - Tell TJ when docs breaks so he can fix the error.

After Meeting Slot