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Some OS dev stuff?

Cam - So we have 3 IBM brickets, if they work, do we want to do OS dev on them? SURE.

Buy a floppy drive to USB for $14

Cam && Fortran - Authorized

Business Students

Jsh - Should we vet them more or… Have them send a paragraph to send to the list, then they can pitch as alightning talk, with limit one per-meeting. Lab members should direct them to the lab directors for information and pitches.

Soda $

Reece - what if we got a bin for cans and then get bottle return money. Lets get a trash can.

Lightning Talk

MP* Midterm Presentations

Everyone - Hunter - (3 credits) bunch of lightning talks, worked on the second floor, assissted students with class work, participated in 7hrl, open house, and cosi Project. Wants to do an sdl workshop and fuscia workshop. Favorite thing: Ghorus.

Josh - (3 credits) Lab Director, lots of lightning talks, open house, 7hrl, COSI Project. Favortie thing: Abstract algebra 

Andy - (2 credits) a couple lightning talks, worked on second floor, set up 7hrl, COSI Project, wants to do workshop on Fortran 18. Became Lab Director, is doing meeting minutes. Favorite thing: Theoretical Tackover night.  

Ryan - (3 credits) Lots of lightning talks, running ip/ made a script to enroll in LDAP, participated in open house. Currently running servers for linear algebra, scrabble, and Tiamat. Favorite thing: working on the scrable project. 

Jonathan - (1 credit) 

Graham - did things. favorite thing: water sheningans. 


Kenny - pitching to investor on 11/25, need 3-6 coders to make a beta by 2/15/20, with a product by 4/15/20. Need front end and back end devs, for a product that is a combo of Instagram and linkedin. If your interested contact them.


Zach - a part of the Cube program at Clarkson. Looking to solve package theft. Its a mat with cameras, if a package is placed it sends a notification to your phone, if a package is taken it takes photos. Needs one coder to be a buisness partner with equity. Tex or email him for more, his buisness card is on the table.

Games, games everywhere and not a move to play

Tim Law - AI playing video games, AI getting smarter, Pattern recognition is cheating!

SOSP report

Jeanna/Abby - Symposium on OS Principles, it is the premier place for Systems Results.

Grad School (Forced Lightning Talk)

Abby - Story time.

Girl Code

Abigail - mobile app for womens safety agaisnt assault on college campuses. try to get it to other big schools. alarm activator, call campus safety, call an uber, call the police, send location, video recording, escape tests, escort home requests, sending frequent texts. Reward: resume experience and stake in the company. Email by 11/2/19 for more info.

Project Updates


Open house next next weekend

Jsh && Fortran - ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ sign up on white board

New CS professor interview next Monday & Wednesday in COSI 4PM

Jsh && Fortran - ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Laura Perry/Erin Blauvelt M&M JavaScript

Jeanna - Hiring for a javascript app that mimics a classroom experiment people do with M&Ms. Componsation: Hiring at OIT with hiring for later projects.

Reminder: Colo tour 3-4 pm

Jeanna - who’s going, how’re we getting there?


Hunter v2.0 - Former Lab Director Mike Fulton who handed off to Abby who Handed off to Josh, who does robotics research will be coming up here at 2am tonight or last night. And will be here tomorrow to visit the lab.

After Meeting Slot