Forum Topics

ITL Information Signs

jeikob - signs say contact Jared and Bobby. We should update that.

Markers: Missing Black Bullet, Tip Replacements

Grm - the bullet points are better than the chisels. Can we get more bullet tips for $18? The Forum say Yea.

Purchase Order Progress

Grm - Oculus Quest has been ordered!

Update servers running Ubuntu Server to 19.10?

Cameron - upgrade Teanmat to 19.10 and all others not on LTS. For the ones on LTS wait till 20.04 LTS.

Lightning Talk

Proposed solution for surveillance capitalism

Timothy Law - A contiuation in the series, The proposed solution is being able to increase critical thinking and work. the book “Data and Goliath” by Eric Schnider is a good place to start reading about the concepts behind these talks.


Jsh - being able to execute i3 config commands from bash with i3-msg. There’s also sway msg.

Try it before you hate it

cwg - lets you test a bunch of linux distros in your web browser.

Project Updates

CJS3 and ITL Cluster

Hunter 2.0 - Criminal Justice 3 now running on the ITL Cluster

Projects from the board

Everyone - Hunter - blub tank - completed Sam - Email Server - back to square one. Andy - Floppy Disk - Erased Johnathan - Volumes Program - testing time Reece and Andy - Underflow Chess - Started


Don’t leave refillable markers in the ITL

Concerned Lab Members - ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Lab build going to 19.10

Lab Members - ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

MP* pages due for next week

Hunter 2.0 - Due befire the meeting

Lab Director Hand off

cwg - Andy (ME) is now lab director takes a bow

After Meeting Slot