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Making money off of gamers

Jsh - people in video game club want to host a minecraft server, do we let them, do we charge them or something? Giving them a VM.

colo update

Jeanna - 24 hour access has been granted to the list of people who said they wanted it.

Synology 4 bay NAS DiskStation DS418j- where?

Jeanna - a NAS has gone missing, a personal not rack mounted one. WE FOUND IT.


Grm - wants to do vpn with wireguard. Sounds good.

Purchase List

Reece - We buy the things on the list? YES.

plants were watered

Hunter - ^^^^^^^

docs is broken

Jeanna - can we fix that

Lightning Talk

IEEE SSIT (Society on Social Implications of Technology)

Timothy Law - there’s a special society in the IEEE that focuses on the social aspects of technology. Such as if technology and psychology merge do we become slaves to the tech corporations, are we already there?

Fundamental matrix song

Jsh - J-just look it up on youtube.

ODE Editor

Jsh - grm and jsh made a program that can display differential equations and solves them and stuff, written in python and is all up on joshs github on

Mr. Markov, Frozen, and the terribly cursed text generator

Hunter Bashaw - Showed off the one, the only, Auto Elsa!!!

Function Approximators

Chris - Input chess board get emotions. And through fun stuff you can get a function to approximate a nueral network and because its not a neural network it runs in O(1) time instead of O(b^n). Super Cool!

Project Updates

Projets from the board

Everyone - Thomas - Libray/ - new section on the discord for communication Jonathon - volume - debugging stuff Jonathon - PDR of Linux - sadface



Jeanna - have a page up by October 29th with presentations on November 6th


Reece && Jiekob - Soda run occures.

Criminal Justice project news

Jeanna - BIG NEWS EVERYONE, theres a court in the US rulled star mix evidence was not emissable (I’m sorry for my spelling).

Colo Meeting, Thrusday 10/31 3-4

Jeanna - ^^^^^^^^^^^ Also when Jeanna gets back, COSI April Fools History Talk

After Meeting Slot