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Fsu Cleanup

Fortran - lots of names on Fsu, we should clean up some of the accounts

Sticker for Melter?

Anthony - “Can I put a sticker on Melter?” yes, yes you may

soda run

Grm - Soda run? soda run - after meeting


Grm - How much can we expense turning the server room into a haunted house? plan will be drawn up for next forum, donations appreciated

Lightning Talk

Josh Gordon - A talk on side effects in programming and why they’re helpful and useful

I made a thing

Anthony R - shows off his DnD character creator / manager he made at Hack Upstate

Hack Upstate post mordem

Someone - Hack Upstate was fun, Ben was there, Rock farm simulator was improved, and Hunter made an iOS game


Jared - talks about his experience at NANOG74, a large networking conference

New COSI Speed Record!

Jared - tested speed in COSI using perfsonar

This Exists: Ragel

Anthony Mangiacapra - shows off Ragel, a state machine visualizer

TempleOS (The Basics)

Fortran - gives a simple explanation and tour of TempleOS, the only OS approved by god

Project Updates

Nails: On Hardware

Hunter - Made an iOS app for Hack Upstate, and is working on actual hardware and not only in a simulation

iOS controlled robots!

Hunter - Looking into making the turtlebots controllable from his phone



ACM - international programming competition this saturday, if youre interested see professor Liu about it ASAP


Anthony R - Big red hacks coming up soon, blochacks in motreal (yes you need a passport), and CNY hackathon in November

Programming contest this Saturday

Cooper - See ICPC

Post Modem

Person - y’all spell not goodly, keep it up :)


jared - Hiking Mt. & sometime soon, talk to Jared

“language a week” workshop: Who’s interested?

M. Anthony - looking to start up a teach the basics of a new language every week, talk to Anthony

MP* Presentations

Abby - next week is MP* presentation, get your pages ready and uploaded to present

I’ll get the CSS out shortly so you can ‘borrow’ it

Some guy who does CSS - Ben is still going to provide some of his amazing CSS for you to steal for your MP* pages, what a great guy

Fortran 77 Workshop PART 2! OH YEAH!

Frotran - this Friday in the ITL at 7

Haskell workshop, featuring Functors!

G. Bagel - Sunday at the usual time (9pm-ish), can meet earlier if better for people

After Meeting Slot

Soda Run

Grm -

Find Jared for Ampersand Hike Info, NANOG Netflix Talk, Perfsonar Info

Jared -