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Can I borrow Melter for hack upstate?

Anthony Rinaldo - wants to take Melter to hack upstate, this is fine with everyone

Buy battery plz thanks

Bobby - we need a new ups battery for one of the servers, the cost is $47

Landfill-Sticker, The source of all evil?

Brian - one of the trashcans has a sticker that says landfill on it, and they are here to petition against it

Motion to rename Andy “Fortran” on Fsuvius

G. Bagel - a motion to change Andy’s username on Fsuvious to Fortran, approved

Lightning Talk

Ryan - a physical hacking tool to send cookies and siphon them to steal information on a user and create backdoors


Hunter - Dos is open source! (woo!) 1.25 and 2 are now open source and free to use. We are also a mirror for it

get me literally every free mouse in the lab

Grm - shows off multiple mouse pointers but gets cut short by someone restarting the lab machine (this is why we can’t have nice things)

Tex adventure

Anthony Rinaldo - shows off LaTeX and how it can be used to write nice looking PDFs and some of the features and functions thereof

A.W.E.S.O.M. O

Reece - A.W.E.S.O.M. O - A nice list to find projects and repositories that you can help contribute to (ps we are bad at clapping)

Josh - explains what a type is, types that depend on terms or other types (dependent types), and other magic jargon type things

Fortran - shows off some of the language’s capabilities, how it’s written, and how it works

Another wall of code, and COSI RPG

Not Fortran - shows off the COSI rpg as well as the inner workings and walls of code of the game

Project Updates


Hunter - MacOS is deprecating open gl, so one big wall of swift later, fish are back to operational!


Grm - shows off some of the “!fun!” he has caused on victim (victim is in a lot of pain right now)


Robotics meeting topics

Hunter - what would you actually like to hear about robotics from Fulton, let hunter know

Hack Upstate this weekend (lannonbr will be present if you need web dev help)

Someone in COSI - It’s this weekend, if you have a car and are willing to drive some people down that would be great. also Ben will be there, so go see him and say hi

Teaching 7-8th graders Scratch

Abby - looking for 5-10 volunteers to teach kids scratch, an email will be sent out with info and sign up info. Oct 17 4:00 - 5:15 and free pizza

Take cold storage desktop stuff!!

Abby - if no one takes the cases that came from cold storage they will be thrown out

After Meeting Slot