Forum Topics

WhoRuns: A maintainer-tracking service

Graham - looking to start up a list for documentation of who is doing what services in COSI, so it can be more easily accessed

Cold Storage Desktops

Jared and Abby - there are several old desktops from cold storage; if you want anything you may take it but it will be thrown out on friday


Someone - there are a lot of books, we are currently looking for a library manager to organize them. also looking to put some of the books on the second floor to help lessen the load

Lightning Talk

The Cult of Emacs

G. Bagel - shows off what emacs can do from the perspective of a mainly vim user

Fixpoint Recursion and the Y Combinator:

Josh Gordon - talks about what recursion is recursion is recursion is and some examples of what can be done with recursion


G. Bagel - a talk on an esolang based on those cat memes (you know the ones)

Anthony Mangiacapra - shows off a simple project to help create large scale systems and literally print money (a joke github page of no code)

Project Updates

SecNet & SecGen

Ryan - SecGen is up and running with a block open for it, and Victim is open to poke, prod, and violate as you see fit through SecNet


Hunter - learned lex and made a tokenizer, interperator coming soon


Official Hand Off

Hunter -

Robotics with Mike maybe?

Hunter - looking to stream in and talk about what hes doing with robits and to teach some stuff too


Anthony R hack upstate is next week, more details to come

Fortran 77 Workshop THIS FRIDAY

Fortran - workshop is THIS friday at 7

Open House

Abby - this saturday is open house, sign up on the board to come and help

After Meeting Slot