Forum Topics

Sudo insults

Anthony R - wants to enable sudo insults for the lab machines. makes it so that if you enter the sudo password wrong the machine insults you

Alumni Streaming

Hunter && Abby - a discussion of when the alumni streaming would be done for the meetings. First meeting, last meeting, MP*, first meeting of the month, and by appointment

Lightning Talk


someone - It’s best if it’s not spoiled


Hunter - event put on by digital ocean, github, and twillo where if you submit 5 pull requests you get a free t shirt

Quantum Brain Damage

Josh Gordon - explains how q-bits are vectors and shows why that’s neat and what kinds of multidimensional garbage you can do with them

specs: Rust ECS

Graham - shows how video games used to deal with logic and how all the backend of the game does everything, and how rust calls back to this glorious system in the modern day

Walls of code

G. Bagel - shows off his optimization for super monkey ball to be able to add more than the original amount of levels

Project Updates


Ryan - an introductory program to get into pen-testing by generating random semi-vulnerable machines to break into entirely legally


Hunter - building an interpreter like a cross between c++ and go


Lab Directorship

Hunter - Hunter gives up his directorship after nearly a year and a half to Cooper

Fortran 77 Workshop

Andy - emails have been sent to figure out when is best to meet, friday at 7pm seems best

Haskell workshops

G.Bagel - Still happening, dont worry


Abby && Hunter - you can be in here all the time, any time of the day, do it its fun!

After Meeting Slot