Forum Topics

The ITL is a classroom. Treat it as such.

Jared - keep the ITL professional, dont change things like backgrounds of the ITL machines

Bobby, Jared, Thomas, Grm - its cheap, so these guys are gonna get the link lengthener back up and running

Lightning Talk


Jeanna - a talk on the micro-lending site, and choosing a person to give a donation to. here is the link if you want to see the site or donate

Polaris HTML Phishing Attacks

Ryan, Graham - a talk on showing how phishing attacks can occur using pages on Polaris as a middleman

Why Fortran 77 is the best

Fortran - a talk on Fortran and general information of the (ancient, terrible, horrible) language

Async/Await and the Promise Monad

Josh Gordon - shows the async/await functions in python and the promise monad, both being the the same thing

MP* Page Ideas

Graham - graham shows off some of his old MP* pages, giving lovely examples of good fun that can be done with MP* pages

Project Updates

Bot Overlords

Josh Gordon - more bots than humans on the CROW discord server!


Anthony R - there are still hackathons coming up; hack up state 6th - 7th and big red hacks 19th - 21st, question comments see Anthony R.


Anthony R - database cooperating and finally storing hashes and salts! web page created but not connected

The Fuchsia Adventure

Hunter - Fuchsia is trying to be booted on real hardware


Live time CTF hax0r style

Ryan - looking to do smaller scale hackathons and to do CTF events locally

Haskell workshops

G. Bagel - Haskell workshops looking to start this week, just has to figure out a time that works for everyone (most likely 8 pm on sunday)

After Meeting Slot

How a micro-kernel starts the user space

Hunter - how zircon does user space stuff

Book giveaway (mostly sciency) and other stuff too

Dwight Tuinstra - giving away more books