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Pay off your debt and return textbook

Anthony - its close to the end of the semester, clear your debt from Fsuvious and reach out to the holders of text books from the lab to get them to bring them back

Hack Potsdam

Hunter - some sponsors fell through, and Hack Potsdam is short short on funds for t-shirts. Need max $400 (will be repaid)

Lightning Talk

Web Sockets

Ben - talks about web sockets, a way to send info between clients instantly

Types as Propositions:

Josh - talks about propositions, a true or false statement, in programing and mathmatics

Netlify Forms With a possible announcement

Ben - a talk about netlify to host web pages and online forms, as well as a fix submitted by Ben

Let’s Talk About Dart

Jacob - a talk on a language that google is using to make GUIs

Let’s Talk About Haskell

Gabe - talks about higher order functions and trees for recursion

Let’s Talk About Javascript:

Josh - a short history of Javascript, dissing function pointers and discussing anonymous functions

It’s time to go lower…

James - maybe later…

CSS (CSS-Site Scripting) Attacks

James - a talk about css scripting to make a keylogger in css

The Rise and Fall (and Rise?) of Non-x86 Workstations

Joshua Blow - a history of the non-x86 workstation, a very powerful desktop computer from the earliy years of computing, as well as a return of newer non-x86 systems by gigabyte

Microsoft IP

PC - Maybe next week

Intel Graphics

PC - Maybe next week

Project Updates


Hunter - an audio visualizer written in go, as well as wanting to rewrite the ITL chourus in Go

Let’s Talk About Language

Josh - not much progress, but the parser is coming along eventually, don’t you worry


RAPS Saturday

Ben - this saturday, starts at 8:30 am. lost of people will be there to show off projects, snell for oral presentations and cheel for posters around lunch


Josh - type system theroy class next semester planned, email will be sent out


Gabe - request to remove coins from light fixtures, removing them could (would cause damage)

After Meeting Slot