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Hunter - talking about implementing resposibilites for having COSI keys - such as chores for the lab, COSI for credit, running a service. It was roughly decided to do enough (1 credit hour worth) work around the lab should be enough

Particle board quest board

Anthony - possible idea to have jobs on a particle board to take and do for mantaining keys

Lightning Talk

Mirror Statistics GraphQL API

Ben - a talk about the fully functional Mirror API, using GraphQL


Ben - an Alexa skill to read off speed run records from


Josh - a talk on monads, what they are, how to make them, how to use them, and why they’re useful

We’re going lower bois

James - a talk on function pointers and function factories, in order to talk about writing binary directly in C next time

Something about Linux:

??? - We learned about Linux and free software real good, yup

Plan 9

Hunter - the successor to Unix from Bell labs designed to take advantages of multi-core systems

void is incorrect

Josh - void is not a good return type; doing this, void is a logical contradiction

Project Updates

Fuchsia Adventure

Hunter - workingon making Fuchsia boot on lab machines


Open House

Hunter - this weekend, fill out form for name tags and to come talk. 90 people are coming

Hack Potsdam

Hunter - April 21


James - 2 weekends from now / hack upstate at the same time

COSI Github Org

Ben - yearly reminder that the COSI Github Organization is a thing, talk to Hunter and Abby about joining

After Meeting Slot