Forum Topics

Guiding Principles

Jeanna gives a reading of the Key Form and reminds people of the guiding principles.

Lightning Talk


Josh talks about his project to create a system for projecting a computer screen and using computer vision to make any surface a touch screen.

w: Snooping at its finest

Hunter shows off the Unix tools w, who, and last.

AutoTrump: Make Markov Great Again

Hunter shows off a website that uses a markov chain to create fake Donald Trump tweets.

The only week it is useful: scheduler

Anthony shows off scheduler, a tool for building class schedules.


Josh and Gabe talk about the Haskell module called trace. It is a function that allows side effects for debuging purpouses.

Peoplesoft - oops

Jake tells the lab about the fun peoplesoft hack that allows you to generate any user token from the one time auth user token.

Project Updates

The COSI RPG is above ground!

Gabe tells the lab about his progress in making the COSIRPG.


Open House

Hunter tells the labs about the Clarkson open house coming soon.

COSI RPG Meeting

Gabe tell the lab that the COSI RPG meetings will be sometime soon, whenever people are available.

After Meeting Slot

Robigalia Stuff

Hunter gives a talk about the sturcture of Robigalia.