Forum Topics

Jeanna Wants to Talk

Jeanna - talks about the rules/guiding principals, how rulings should be determined, and the general atmosphere of the lab as of late

Lock the server room and file cabinet

Hunter - stop leaving things that need to be locked unlocked

Layout of the Lab

Macri - we are thinking of changing the layout of the lab, and want to bring it up for people to know it and discuss it

Layout changing procedure

Macri - strawpoll link for the descision to change the lab

Lightning Talk

6 Degrees of Wikipedia

Ben - a site to find the fastest route between 2 pages on wikipedia

COSI For Credit midterm presentations

Various Artists - midterm presentations for MP* participants


Jared - a program simmilar to github, but local

Code jame:

Anthony - a project put on by google, where you are brought on their site and work through challenges

Project Updates

new Language features

Josh - tokenizer soon


After Meeting Slot

Regular Expressions Workshop

Ben - see above