Forum Topics

Work hours

Everyone - a review of how work hours is going, looking at extending them to the full work day

Lightning Talk

Typedef: Making C bearable

Hunter - a useful way to define more specific information to variables


Ben - a simple way to take snipits of code in Visual Studio


Josh - talks about polymorphism and how it is used in different types of languages and different types of polymorphism

VS Live Share

Ben - multiuser Visual Studio code, letting many users work on a single project in VScode

Google Summer of Code

Reece - google offering chance to work with larger open source groups over summer


Abby - summer program to work on projects for traditionally under represented groups

Project Pitch

Blossom - looking for help in creating userfriendly software to work with their new energy efficient well idea

Hipster malloc

Hunter - jemalloc: a memory allocator used in neovim to allow more fragmentation

Project Updates

Mirror’fying all the sites

Ben - looking to give a standard style to the various sites we use, looking to use the style of mirror

The COSI Rpg

Gabe - shows off the work thats been done on the COSI RPG as of now, including battle systems, character structures, and the ability to easily add content


Hunter - a Sim City 2000 like game


Josh - tokenizer working for interprator for new language named “Language”


Macri - organizing specific functionality of seperate mods to make a simplified mod pack


2nd Floor Stuff(TM)

Hunter - 2nd floor is cleaner, new servers “pain” and “suffering”, looking to make it more available

Interest in Regular Expression workshop

Ben - looking to see if there is any intrest in learning more about Regular Expressions


Hunter - a program to show off research presented by clarkson

MP* Presentations

Abby - next meeting will be MP* presentations, get your sites up soon

ACM Elections Friday

Ben - 4PM, ITL, Friday is elections for ACM positions

After Meeting Slot