Forum Topics

The Official COSI Clock

Gabe - motion to randomly assign a random number generator to pick another number to cover with a sticker

Lightning Talk

Let’s talk about javascript: Gamepad API edition

Ben - talks and shows off the Gamepad API to use a gamepad for web apps, for example as a presentation clicker


Anthony - shows off the git repositry for NoCode

Microsoft 2018 Imagine Cup

Panpan - a competition to create anything through microsoft with the ability to use the azure system as a resource

You too can communicate with satelites in orbit!

Jared - - a talk about software defined radios and the ability to talk with satalites

Professional dress for the career fair

Anthony - gives a presentation on how to look better dressed and more professional for the career fair

Abby - shows off a valentines day message from a comp sci student

Assembly in C

James - shows off what the assembly is doing in a program in C and how to put assembly into the code of the C program


Hunter - talks about a VM for playing old point and click adventure games that were created Scumm, simmilar to DOSBox

Monoids (Those No Slides Blues)

Josh - talk about function to combine objects

Project Updates


Hunter - repo created, test made, and model will be formally verified soon

Digital Catan

Anthony - creating a Catan game in rust and python


Game Jam

Jared - This sunday

Go Workshop Sunday (Time to be decided)

Hunter - see title - durring middle of game jam

Gonna Make A Programming Language: Who’s With Me?

Josh - looking for help to write an interpreter

Project a Week Workshop

Reece - E-mail tonight to figure out when to meet up

Resume Review

James - Will look over your resume and make it better - tonight or tommorw morning

Career Fair Tomorrow!

Hunter - go, give your resume out, talk, get a job. …yeah, do that

Security Class

James - starting soon, e-mail will be sent out soon

Research Paper Group

Anthony - looking to get a group together to read and discuss resarch papers

After Meeting Slot