Forum Topics

Working hours update

Abby and company - work hours is helping to take non-productive members out durring the time

Lab Environment

Jake - the space is highly contested, and we are making the lab look bad. How can we fix this?

Maciel is a cool guy

Near unanimous decision on Maciel being “pretty cool” with the only non-positive repsonse from those not participating

Lightning Talk

How to Make Your Linux Desktop Less Boring

Jacob - talks about how to custimoize the apperance of the Ubuntu enviroment to be more visually pleasing -

Contributing to Open Source: remember when you added that thing to VSCode?

Ben - talks about contributing to open source projects and a personal example with his contribution to VSCode

Let’s talk about some logs and why your server may be on fire

Ben - Mirror is reciving a lot of requests currently as new major releases have been posted for the public

Dependent Types and The Lambda Cube:

Josh - talks about types that depend on terms put into an object

Amazon Smile

James - - literally just amazon but gives 0.5% of sales directly to charity

The Cloud

Stephen - a humorous take on the cloud

Linux File System Evolution

Abby - a paper talking about the changes, organization, and general bugs from the linux file system

Project Updates

EEG Robotics is still alive!

Hunter - still working on EEG robotics

Robigalia nemo

Hunter and Abby - joining in to help with the Robigalia file system



Macri - shows off the github page for the RTS minecraft mod


Macri - a project of an AI learning how to operate based off user input

Mirror: Eventually will get the new API up

Ben - working on a new API for mirror

Security and why EEGs are not the safest…

James - security corses will start back up soon, and is looking for suggestions on what to teach

Go Workshop?

Hunter - looking to see if there is a want to host a workshop on Go

Systems Librarian Work Study @ Clarkson Library

Ben - looking for someone to take over the back end of the university library

Fiber crimping workshop, this sunday at 2pm. Make yourself a cable! (that’s all there is to say)

Jared - see title

Project a Week Challenge

Reece - looking to do a different project each week from a list on github

Ben’s a great person

Abby - just a friendly reminder

Jeff, Geoff, Geoffrey, and Iris avalible

Milton - have idle servers doing nothing, talk to miltion if you have any big (lots of power needed) project ideas

Security and why we don’t care

Ben - shows off just how “secure” our services

Abby best director

Ben - also just a freiendly reminder, and also apparent heresy

Hacky Bullshit Workshops?

James - looking to hold workshops on doing things that are technically possible but not intended

After Meeting Slot

Electroencephalograms and you

Hunter - teaches about EEG and what hes learned from his escapades