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Letter to accepted students

Anthony - Wrote a letter for accepted students, if you want to see/review see lab directors

Crumbs! CRUMBS EVERYWHERE!!! Oh the bagels!

Gabe - mess on the table, clean up after you eat on the table

Talos 2.5

Bobby - Talos died, proposing new build to run Talos. ~$680 - CPU, RAM, Case with needed components in case


Jared - Bacon died last sunday, will be back up soon with new drives

Quiet Hours

Hunter and Abby - Proposal – 1PM - 4PM quiet hours

Guiding Principles

Jeanna - goes over the guiding principals of COSI, found on docs

Lightning Talk

How to Make Your Linux Desktop Less Boring

Jacob - pushed to next week

Contributing to Open Source: remember when you added that thing to VSCode?

Ben - pushed to next week


Hunter - talks about the Go command user interface

Type Functions

Josh G - talks about type functions, a way to use types in and of themselves as inputs for functions

Be a better programer

Anthony - shows off a site to help prepare you for interviews and coding in general


McKenzie - business student talking about idea for an app, providing reward points to uber and lyft style driving services for promotion of businesses

Project Updates


Alumni wants to help us set up a Nagios box for COSI. Looking for participants

Jared - looking for interested participants to help

When do y’all want to do the Game Jam? 11th?

Jared - Febuary 18, 12 hours, 9am - 9pm

People for Science Olympiad if we’re still able to get people. Talk to Bobby

Jared and Bobby - looking for people to help with Science Olympiad work

EEG workshops

Hunter - would be willing to do workshops explaining what hes learned

After Meeting Slot

The Night Watch

Abby - short article from prof. Witkin