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Bugs! BUGS EVERYWHERE!!! Oh the world!

Gabe - there are lots of fruit flies all over the lab

Game Jam?

Jared - looking to do a game jam in the spring. also looking to do a game jame sooner (seperate from the rouge-like)

Lightning Talk


Ben - a fairly cheap VPS service

6.25 Fasts per second.

Jared - showed off perfSONAR and the new speed of the network

Robigalia, Zircon, and other cool OS stuff

Hunter - Talks about the Micro-Kernal for Google’s new OS for Andriod and ChromeOS Fusha Wanna learn and take over some web things in COSI?

Android x86

Josh - shows off the desktop specific version of Android

Burger Neutrality

Abby - shows off a video from burger king talking about net neutrality


Josh - talks about currying, a way to take multiple inputs for functions that only take one argument

Proper debugging

Anthony - talks about ways to debug your code

How to Make Your Linux Desktop Less Boring

Jacob - pushed to next week

Project Updates


Want a job?

Jared - Helpdesk is looking for 2-3 skilled people for work

I are a Haskell

Gabe - Haskel workshop Saturdays @ 4 PM

Rogue Like Thingy This Sunday!

Jared - E-Mail will reiterate this, Sunday @ 1 PM, bring your own food

Wanna learn and take over some web things in COSI?

Ben - see ben if you want to take over a web based service from ben

Shameless Plug for Donation Drive

James - Donation drive for Heffer Int. in student center, 11AM-2PM thursday and friday

COSI Writing Club on saturday!

Hunter - E-Mail will reiterate this, Satuday @ 1PM

After Meeting Slot