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Minimize trash in the labs friday->sunday

Anthony R - We make too much garbage into the lab durring the weekend, don’t bring back to go containers here and throw them out

COSI Cleaning Club

Macri - Reinstation of COSI cleaning club, wekly/bi-weekly cleaning of the lab

COSI Layout

Hunter and Abby - The layout of the changed, how do you feel?

Lots of other stuff…

Hunter and Abby -

Keys - server room has been unlocked overnight, lock it when done Key Audit - manage keys or change locks entirely Sever Room Keys - if you don’t need it, you will return it Personal Items - most stuff is gone (good). if you own it, take the last few things out E-Waste - you cannot keep any of it that you take from it in COSI Overnight - without permission, you cannot leave anything here Change in Maintainership - more group mentality, rather than individual maintainers. Regular meetings on Sat. Active Projects List - creating a proper list of active projects and clean up non-active projects

Lightning Talk

Thomas - an AI trained to create inspirational quotes

Jared - a net graph of internet traffic to replace shep

Paper Mario Modding and Advertisement

Gabe - showed off his Paper Mario rom hack


Reece - a twitter style javascript group

My Favorite Clock

James - James - Really Stupid rint Minute - a program that shows the minute every 10 seconds

Project Updates

Rock Farm Simulator

Reece - a clicker style game to farm rocks

Power Glove 2

Hunter and Anthony - creating a system to gather data using a glove to measure human interaction


Jake - Docs is being updated so it is no longer a dumpster fire


Haskell Workshops

Gabe - workshops for Haskell - both an intro as well as a continuation from Prog Lang

COSI Writing Club :)

Hunter - wants to start a creative writing club

Bi-Anual Rouge Like Competition - Jan 28th at 1pm

Jared - See Tittle

RTS Minecraft MOD

Macri - See tittle, if interested see Macri


Hunter - is actually going to happen this year, Hunter will give out more info

COSI Library

Macri - a service to check in and check out books from the COSI library

Security Lectures?

James - more lectures on computer security like last semester

Hack upstate XI

James - is happening closer to the end of the semester (Apr 14)

After Meeting Slot