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Cleaning the room

Ben - there’s a lot of stuff at the front of the lab under the white-board, as well as a lot of stuff left on the table; please clean them and help keep the lab clean

Lightning Talk

Small Data Pancakes

Eric - made “small data pancakes” a real thing: a circular data structure

Style Transfer

Ben - the process of taking one image and changing another picture based on the data collected from the first. as well as deep style transfer js, an in browser style transfer application

PHP Weathermap/Network-Weathermap and lessons on server hardening without violating 18 U.S.C. § 1030

Kyle - kyle tunnled into polarus and added a talk (possible felony), and shows off the netowrk map of clarkson and the tech that made them

James - krackattacks was released on github for anyone to look at and play with

Tino Web Development

Ben - shows off Tino’s interesting webiste source and usage of css and html


Colin (Clion) - former COSI member talks about what hes been doing: pentaqine Q8 - a program to find and visualize divisors of numbers

Project Updates

cosi-nav update

Ben - new options have been added to the nav bar of talk

My Robot Minions

Hunter - the robots now go forward and can turn


After Meeting Slot

Web Sphere and IBM (Next Meeting)

Ryan - ryan will be here next week and will give a talk