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Dirt Bag

Anthony M - Anthony has a bag of potting soil and is looking to donate it to the COSI garden

Fixing Talks

Ben - discussed ways to help keep talks useful and how to help streamline the site, and also made “talk/” as a joke

COSI Clothing: It’s About Time! (Don’t worry, fam; I got you)

Anthony M - discusses the idea of creating COSI clothing. looking at “next level apparel” as supplier. will have quotes for next meeting.

7HRL Pizza

Jared - buying 4-5 pizza (~$50) for 7 hour rouge-like

Who wants book?

Ben - looking to see if anyone wants book

Lightning Talk

Tracking prevention, the death of DNT, and how advertisers hate you

Jake - shows the, now dead, “do not track” feature of advertising data; and shows how safari is using it today

Learning machine learning (for non-machines)

Jake - hsows a reddit post on machine learning and a free book on it as well: “elements of statisical learning” and “introduction to statistical learning”

The Pixel 2 SCAM

Panpan - adresses his concerns on the pixel 2’s hardware issues


Ben - pushed to next week

Service Workers

Ben - talks about API for “Service Workers,” a service to allow a webpage to appear while offline using cached data

Boomerangs Kill People: Socially Unacceptable Integrals II

Gabe - talks about a boomerange integral and how to deal with it using complex numbers


Hunter - a language for machines as an intermediary for higher level languages to assembler

Small Data Pancakes

Eric - pushed to next week

Actual Weeb Development

Ben - recreated the poem writter from doki doki literature club in js

Push Trump Off a Cliff (again!)

Jake - a flash animation to walk donald trump off a cliff

Sorting algorithm visualizer

Thomas - show his data sorting algorithim visualizer that he created

Vim is remarkable

Gabe - shows macro creation for vim

Project Updates

Mind controlled bots

Hunter - they work and can be driven by mind power


Open House Saturday

Ben - 10 AM saturday in COSI

COSI Cleaning Friday Night Starting at moments before midnight.

Jared - name says it all, take your stuff friday before you leave

Name Tags

Hunter - if you want to participate in the open house and need a tag, talk to hunter

CS Outreach - Still time to join!

Jared - send an e-mail to Jared asap if you are interested and have not yet talked to him

7 hour rouge-like

create a rouge-like game in seven hours. on sunday, 12-7, ITL. info and eg at

After Meeting Slot