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Hunter - several insidences, be respectful to each other. warning -> asked to leave at least for the day Jared - less profanity, inside voices. clean your stuff off the center table if you are not there

Naming the fish

Milton - we got a fish, lets name it (there are too many to list every name here). voted names: Mark 6 votes, nightly 1 vote, phish 3.5 votes, bash 3 votes -> Mark 8 votes, phish 5 votes, Mark wins

Don’t be a dick

Ben - incident last week: panpans website credentials on whiteboard. do not leave sensetive data, such as this, in the open


Jared - Odin not on management because of issues Jake - a more comercial product could be a better idea, offline dev would help lessen the load

Gaming during “business hours”

Jake - the interaction is a good thing, but durring bussness hours it is too distracting. If you are playing games during ~8-5; no noise/distracting and do it near the windows

Passive agressive forum topics

Anthony R - talking one on one about issues could be a more effective way of fixing issues Jared - use your name or a way to identify yourself, it’s disrespectful


Sam - saturday would be a good day to hike

Social Relations

Jake - understand your impulsive actions and think before you act Hunter - if you know/think a conversation wont go well, talk to directors and they can help

Lightning Talk

Tracking prevention, the death of DNT, and how advertisers hate you

Jake - pushed to next week

Scheduler (for the one week it is useful)

Anthony R - scheduling is coming up, anthony made a helpful scheduler.

Living… places (Cooper Review)

Jake - a web comic talking about experiences in living in NYC to San Francisco

Learning machine learning (for non-machines)

Jake - pushed to next week

MP * Presentations

COSI for credit project midterm presentations

Project Updates


Jared - fiber is fast, mirror is faster


Robotics Friday?

Hunter - email to tell you for sure

Talks Meeting: Tomorrow (Thursday) in the afternoon

Ben - ben is absent, badger him to learn

CS Outreach Stuff

Jared - if you want to be involved, act now. ignite CS Google hangout planned, 3:30 pdt, email to be sent out

After Meeting Slot