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Hunter – we’re gross, clean up after yourself. Don’t leave a mess and keep it fairly nice Jake – lab is a privilege not a right

360 Camera

Hunter – cam for robotics – enable VR robots with 360 view - $100-$150. to be talked about further next week


Jared – switch arrives next Monday, time to test before fiber. Emails on down time to be sent later

Lightning Talk

unix date command. Software from 1972 running in 2017.

Ben – “Ben is pretty”. Date command – v1 in 70’s, date gives date based on timezone. Using it for estimates for Mirror Petabyte date. Monthly average vs remaining = petabyte date. Date -d “97 days” gives info based on arguments; “yesterday”, “next friday”, “n days ago” ddate – “bureaucratic” date


Jake – TripleBytecompany to help find job; good/appropriate programing questions. Questions range from pick an answer, find errors, how do you think. Do really good, get an interview

fish: Shell of the Future!

Jake – Fish Shellbash is not fun. Fish makes it fun. Supports modern terminal stuff, colors, auto suggestions, sane language, web configuration, completes from man pages

Hacktoberfest 2017

Ben – Hacktoberfest During October challenge to support open source community. 4 pulls between Oct 1-31, get a free t-shirt. Talked about / reminded about COSI github Jake – know Git, have stuff on github. Open source is widely used, help support it


Hunter – github ebooksfoundation List of books, free programing books, view English ←(important), lots of good helpful books

Scoreboard, Now a dumpster fire on a server

Anthony – helps keep track of metrics. Not many on at the moment, can add more. Unofficial board: port 3001

Kiva Donation

Abby – Prof. Mathews gives money to help startups and the like through COSI is taking her place while shes out. Giving to Madagascar woman in need of sheet metal


Jared – IT’S (still) NOT RAINING. Postponed until rain

Tor/Onion Routing

Abby – general overview of browsing anonymously on Tor/Onion. How it routes the user, the fact we run a Tor node, and Tors metrics, and that it can be used for malicious purposes Hunter – explains that its secure/FBI has many nodes

LG Airpods

Pan pan – cross breed of LG wireless headset and apple ear pods. Working test models

Project Updates

there was no project updates


Open House

Abby – this Saturday, be here before 10 am, fill out Google form for name tag

Robotics this Friday at 7pm

Hunter – better meeting with actual stuff to do this week (promise). VR bots and telepresence turtle bots

COSI Cleaning

Jared – cleaning COSI tonight. Make it safe for humans/remove the hazmats

After Meeting Slot

COSI Cleaning

September 27th - Git Workshop