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The COSI Announcement

Hunter Quant is stepping down as lab director, leavng Hunter Bashaw and Abby Matthews as directors.


Just a reminder to avoid playing games during the day and keep the volume down.

Making the projector better?

Jake wants to buy a chromecast for the projector to make using your own computer for lightning talks easier.

Lightning Talk

Small Data Pancakes

James mentions that there has been an interest in computer security. He will be starting workshops to teach all who are interested.


Ben shows the labs how to use a chart library for javascript. It makes making charts and graphs really simple.


James shows the lab the magic of OverLeaf, a magical text editior. OverLeaf is like Google Drive for LaTeX.

Vim Dogma

Gabe tells the lab about “How Awesome vim is”. He also shows some quick key combinations to do things.

An Introduction to fiber-based outside plant cableing

Kyle gives a live demonstration of the disection of fiber optic cable.

How to Sound Better on Paper Through Participation in COSI

Cooper talks about the fact that you can put the things you do in COSI on your resume.

Extracting images from Wireshark

Eric talks about why you shouldn’t trust public wifi, and why http is sad.

Efficient Integer Sorting

Josh tells the labs about how you can sort integers in linear time, instead of n*log(n).


Jake shows the labs puppet. A really nice tool for managing a server.


Eric tells the labs about how he breaks things for a living, and other cool opertunities at Siege.

Tizen Watch Faces

Pan Pan shows the labs about some of the watch faces he’s made.

List of Awesome Lists

Tim shows the labs a github that is a list of topics containing lists of books and courses, where you can learn about nearly anything.

Project Updates

There were no project updates.


Open House

Dr. Maciel announces that in two week the first open house of the year will take place. Members of COSI will be talking about the labs, and what it’s like to be a CS student at Clarkson.

Datacenter Tour

Jared tells the labs that the tour is happening next thursday (september 29th) at 3:15pm at old main.

Robotics this Friday

The weekly robotics meeting will be this friday at 7:00pm.

Hike by Reference Saturday! Be at COSI by 7:45 am!

Milton tells the lab about hike by reference. it is on saturday at 8:00am.

VRC Project

Andres tells the labs about his VR coster project he is making. He is looking for people expirienced in C++.

After Meeting Slot

There was no after meeting slot.