Forum Topics

Key Form

The new key forms for the COSI keys has been made. The forum approves the new form.

MP* and Key Request Process

Abby goes over the process of how to get MP* credits and key forms this semester. Tino is handling MP* credits this year(after you email Jeanna for approval) and the key forms go through the lab directors.

Lightning Talk


Pan Pan shows the lab his new watch, that runs Tizen, which you can develop apps for.

Bluetooth is Great!

Jared shows the lab about an attack that happens over bluetooth in Android, IOS, MacOS, Windows, and Linux devices.

SSN = Surely Secure … NOT

James tells the labs about the equifax hack that took place several months ago, releasing over 140 million peoples credit card numbers, and social security numbers.

Let’s Talk about Javascript

Ben shows the lab a video about some fun things in Ruby and Java Script.


Anthony shows the labs a capture the flag style, cyber security hackathon.

AI Gaydar

Researchers at Stanford have created an AI that can predict someones sexuality with 91% accuracy with only a picture of the face.

Project Updates

Talks Update

Ben shows the labs the updates he has made to talks. UI improvements Woo!

Mirror - Sept 12 & VLC

Ben shows off the massive amount of bandwidth that mirror consumed yesterday. It turns out that not only did the new version of Blender came out, but also we are improvements to mirror VLC.


Robotics Fridays at 7!

The weekly robotics meetings will be happening fridays at 7.

Data Center Tour

Jared announces that if you want to go on the data center tour you need to get your information in soon.

After Meeting Slot

ITL Ethernet Port Testing Extravaganza! Become a masochist TODAY!

Jared and Bobby show people how to test ethernet ports.