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NVMe Drive for Mirror

Jared and Bobby would like to buy a new NVMe drive for mirror with the left over money in the mirror budget. The labs agree to the $300 expence.

COSI Fiber Purchase

Jared talls the labs about the quote we got on the 10 gigabit fiber switch. The purchase of the switch, the cableing, and the SFP cards are the three components that need to be purchased. The labs aprove the purchasing of everything for $2,066.

Puppet stuff

Jake wants to experiment with puppet on a lab machine. We approve for use on non mission critical services for now.

Ryzen RMA

Bobby wants to RMA the Ryzen build, but it will put the build down for the week. The lab approves in an - Almost - unanimous desition.

Lightning Talk

I Know What You Did Last Summer

All of the cosi members that were at Clarkson over the summer talked about there expiriences.

Destroying Armored Fiber

Jared attempts to destroy a piece of armored fiber to show just how strong it really is.

MirrorBand: Mirror Stats V2

Ben shows off the mirror statistcs page he updated, and beautified.

Intro to COSI

Abby and Hunter B. tell all the new and incoming members of the labs about the labs.

Intro to Research

Hunter Q. tells the labs about all the research oportunities available at Clarkson.

Intro to Robots

Hunter B. tells the labs about the robots Cosi owns, and the research being done with them.

Intro to Open Source

Abby tells the incoming freshman all about open source.

Intro to Server Room

Jared talks about all the oportunities available in the server room.

COSI Domains

Jake bought a bunch of “cosi.” websites as a joke and did a lot of fun things with them. On he created a mastadon server.

irc/discord/matrix chat

Jake tells the lab about our IRC server, and now its connection to discord, and its even newer connection to matrix chat.


Pan Pan gives a talk on how to make websites for fun and profit…mostly profit. He talls the lab about XAMPP which turns your computer into a test server for wed dev.

Warrant Canaries

Abby tells the lab about warrant canaries which allows for people to see if the fbi is investigating the service.

Making Webpages for Fun

James shows off how to edit we pages in your browser! He demonstrates this by “Improving” Prof. Maciel’s web page. Ben shows off some of the new “cosi.” domains.

Project Updates


Jared tells the lab about his plans to rework Talos into Atlas.


Jared improved managment to collect logs on all the servers. It also features a bandwidth graph.

Scheduler sucks ever so slightly less

Anthony tells the labs about the updates to scheduler.

Mind Reading

Hunter B. Tells the labs about his research for the semester using an eeg device to control the robots.

Robigalia: slowly a thing, small projects soon!



Something cool! (To be revealed at meeting)

Jared tells the labs that he got all of cosi a data center tour in Clarkson’s downtown data center.

WebDev Work Study opportunity at Library

There is a WebDev work study opportunity at the Clarkson library.

Hike by Reference

Sam tells the labs about the possible dates for the Hike by Reference.

After Meeting Slot

Tour of the Server Room

Jared and Bobby give a tour of the server room.