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Keep the labs clean!

Stop being stupid

Hunter tells the labs to keep common sence in mind and don’t do anything dumb.

Finalizing purchases

Bobby asks for confirmation on the last few (small) purchases. The labs agree on the purchases.

Parting seniors hand off their services (Kyle, Graham)

Jared reminds the leaving seniors to hand off there services.

Tours, us, and the stairwell

Kyle mentions that we might want to get the tour guids to go into further detail about the labs when walking by.

Vive Usage

Hunter tells the labs that the Vive wasn’t picked up, and reminds the labs to clean it up when you’re done.

Lightning Talk

MP* Presentations: Spring 2017

Everyone in COSI presents what they have been up to this semester.

CNY Hackathon

Abby tells of her expirience at the CNY Hackathon, and all the security things she learned.

Project Updates


Bobby tells the labs that the student center does not want the space invaders machine, Baha has expressed interest in it and has found a way to get it to him. The labs agree to sell it to Baha. Also PCI passthrough works on our Ryzen build.


James announces that david yambe is looking for students to help with his research, anyone who is interested should contact him.

Senior 3D models

Hunter tells the labs that he can make 3D models of all the graduating seniors in the Banerjee’s lab on may 2nd at 11am.

Ametier, startup needs programmer

Sam Garwood and David Johnson want to link businessess with students wanting to do work through there app and they are looking for developers. if anyone is interested, get into contact with them.

After Meeting Slot

Emergency Talos Handoff

Graham hands off Talos to Jared Dunbar.

+ Emergency Fog/Bennu Handoff

No one expressed interest in FOG, so jared and Bobby will become the shadow maintainers until someone expresses interest in it.

+Re-imageing the ITL (and hopefully not fscking it up again)

Kyle, Graham and several other people re-image vthe ITL.