Forum Topics

Summertime Infrastrure Changes?

Jeanna wants to discuss possible changes to lab infrastructure over the summer. The forum agrees to defer any new changes to the email list over the summer.

Check the ITL door before you leave!

Kyle reminds the lab to make sure that the ITL door is locked when you leave. Allocation policy revision

Jared tells the forum that the 146 subnet was not as protected as previously thought, he wants to use it for security testing and research.

Key Holder Agreement Updates

Graham announces that the Key holder agreement is being updated. The document will be added to RT.

Solder responsibly

Kyle reminds the labs that soldering is not allowed in the labs, but it is possible to get approval for soldering in the labs.

Lightning Talk


Graham shows off a compiler that generates assembly containing only the mov command, as it is possible to fully impliment a turing machine with nothing but mov commands.

What to do while coding :D Almost Finals relief

Jared shows off a guid to writing completely and utterly unmaintainable code, which leads to Jeanna showing off the GNU humor pages.

Tim shows off some cool AI experiments made by google.

Blender’s New Networked Game Engine!

Graham has figured out how to do networking in Blender and shows off a game taking advantage of this feature.

Project Updates


Graham shows off the newest iteration of COSI’s place server.


lab step parents

Jeanna has collectively picked Tino, Chris and Maciel to be lab step parrents while she is away.

psychology project

Olga, a phycologist, tells the labs of her project using social media to find trauma and stress markers in pictures and tries to recruit people to help build her app.

Lab Directorship

Ben Lannon has officially handed off his directorship to Hunter Bashaw.

After Meeting Slot

<10 minutes pusing buttons to re-image ITL

Kyle is showing off how to re-image the ITL over the network.