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Backups - And their uses

Jared mentions how DubsDot had issues, and its hard drive became corrupted and we lost about a weeks worth of data. This incudes Fsuvius data, so make sure you back up your stuff.

More End of year purchases: Gfx Card, Ubiquiti Router, & Tripods

Bobby wants to buy a graphics card for the Ryzen build, he wants a Nvidia 1080 for machine learning. It is $560, it fits in the budget. He also waants Tri-pods for the Vive, it will be about $20 and finally he wants a new wifi access point, he has picked out two of them from $90-$180.

Volume, again

Be Quite.

Edge case in the key agreement

Kyle mentions that keyholders need to kick everyone out if no one with a key is left, this becomes an issue when there are classes in the ITL. The forum discusses several options, the most plausable idea is that the TA should make sure that every student is gone before leaving and locking the doors behind them.

The Future of the Space Invaders machine

Graham tells the labs that the Space Invaders cabinet is workig now and he would like to formalize the idea that we should put it in the virtual game room in the student center. The plan is to give the university liability for the machine, make sure that it is availabe for the students free of charge, it also should give some recognition to COSI, and it should be given to the OSL.

Lightning Talk

Mirror - April 6th aka CentOS 6.9 download extravaganza

Ben shows off some mirror statistics and on April 6th CentOS realesed an update which caused an obcene amount of traffic at 2am.

Thursday VM Shitstorm Task Force

Jared tells the lab that he filled the disk on DubsDot, so when jared went to resize the disk he accidentally corrupted the disk. Thankfully we had week old backups, however a weeks worth of data had dissapeared.

Tim Law tells the labs about, which talks about the debt, of all kinds, that people leave behind in their educational development.

CSS Grid Pt. 2: Implementation into COSI Sites

Ben shows off the new CSS grid ability which he is integrating into DubsDot.

Auto Draw

Hunter shows off Google’s new app that uses machine learning to guess the object you’re drawing.


Graham shows off a web app that upscales an image, but it uses a neural network to find features in an immage and upscale it losing as minimal quality as possible

Project Updates


Graham tells the labs that sklat is back up and running once and for all.


De-Crappify the Labs!! This means YOU

Jared tells the lab to try and keep the labs clean and free of clutter.

Who is around for the summer?

Jeanna wanted to get a list of people that would be in the labs over the summer.

i386 bootloader for a tiny POS terminal

Graham asks the labs if anyone wants to join him while he works on old hardware.

After Meeting Slot

PGP Keysigning Party

Jared ran a PGP Keysigning Party in the ITL.