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DC power supplies

Pan Pan wants to sell the powersupplies in turn for two new acer monitors.

Buy Two Part Apoxy

Kyle wants to buy two part apoxy. The lab agrees.


Kyle wants to get a new gear box and motor for the broken roomba. The Lab agrees.


Kyle wants to buy Zep 40 cleaner for the lab monitors and keyboards. The lab agrees.

Lightning Talk

CRT Safety

Kyle tells the lab not to touch a CRT anode because it has enough power to actually kill you. Be carefull.

Mirror access log insights

Ben shows off mirrors apache logs which show the amount of requests the server has gotten, along with the locations of the people who use our mirror.

/r/place: COSI Edition

In the spirit of r/place Ben and Graham show off COSI place, which can be interacted with via the website or through Ben’s Alexa skill. Graham created the page using Javascript and HTML.


Jared tells the lab about r/place, it is essentialy multiplayer microsoft paint. The labs were able to get the COSI logo onto the page with the help of the Arch Linux people, and definitely not a bot net…

Web Logs & How useful they are!

Jared shows off go access, a really neat tool to visualize network traffic.

Trippy Kittens

Milton shows off the Kitten programing language.

Project Updates

Scheduler is no longer as much of a flaming piece of garbage

Anthony tells the labs of the new features he’s added to scheduler, including a calender and the ability to swap out classes.


Ben will be adding real time mirror anylitics.


Dearly Beloved

Hunter is creating 3D models of all the people leaving the lab in the Banergee lab.


Jared announces that the RT system is now online and can be used for any broken or missing items along with asset tracking.

Director Handoff

Mike announces his official director handoff to Hunter Quant and Abby Matthews.

After Meeting Slot

There was no after meeting slot.