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Hunter asks where all the new hardware came from and how it got so messy. It will get cleaned up before saturday.

3 lab directors?

The forum discusses the pros and cons of having 3 lab directors.

Ryzen Purchase

Bobby shows off the finalized version of the Ryzen build. It will cost $1987. The forum approves the purchace.

Lightning Talk

DID YOU KNOW: XFCE Supports Animated Desktop Background [Kinda]!

Graham shows off a way to animate your desktop backgrounds, so long as you’re using XFCE.

Pan Corp

Pan Pan shows off his origional MP* page…


Mike shows off LaTeX, a logical typesetting language, which makes quite beautiful formatted text files. He also shows off overleaf, an online LaTeX service.

CSS Variable Fonts

Ben shows off the bleading edge CSS feature which allows Fonts to dynamically change on screen. Currently the only browser that supports it is the beta version of safari.

CSS Grid

Ben shows off CSS’s new grid proporty, giving people the ability to lay things out in better ways.

Google Summer of Code

Anthony shows off Google’s summer of code, where they pair you with a open source project to work on over the summer. (once reddit hug of death subsides)

Kyle shows off a website based on the recent house resolution to allow ISP’s to sell your browser history.

Project Updates

TalksCLI & Go Cross Compilation

Ben shows off the changes he’s made to talks, allowing the view of the page from the command line. While making these changes he came across the fact that “go” can cross compile to any system.


Kyle shows off the roombas that he’s been fixing up for the labs.

Meal Milker

Mike shows off the begining of the Meal Milker app for android. It syncs up freshman with free meals to upperclassman in need.


Accepted Students Day this Saturday

Ben tells the lab that there will be an open house this saturday and COSI will be cleaned friday night.

Ultimate Go w/ Bill Kennedy: May 11-12 @ SUNY Potsdam

Ben tells the labs that Bill Kennedy will be giving a talk at the SUNY Potsdam ACM where he will be teaching people how to use the Go programming language.

After Meeting Slot

There was some joke after meeting slots…