Forum Topics

Russ Offers Stuff

Russ Nelson gives away cool Open Source T-Shirts and old hardware.

Lightning Talk

MP* Presentation / Meme Session

All the MP* students present the things they’ve done so far this semester.

Project Updates


Abby is starting a Hacking: The Art Of Exploitation group when we get back from break.


Mike tells that Hunter will be taking over robotics.


Open House sign ups

Ben tells the labs that open house is the saturday we get back from break.

Aho-Corasick Day

Gabe wants to run a sorting algorithm on the board.


Hunter is going to host a VR-Game Jam again.

##Lab Director Mike will hand off his lab directorship to Hunter Quant and Abby Matthews.

After Meeting Slot

Take Down/Track Down

Jeanna shows the movie “Take Down/Track Down”.