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Old Raid Array Discard

Bobby announces that all the drives from the Raid arrays have failed and so he wants to recycle them or put them in cold storage. The forum agrees to get rid of them.

End of year purchase stuff

Bobby shows off the list he created of end of year purchases to the forum. The forum agrees to purchase the Vive as soon as it comes on sale, otherwise wait until the end of the year. He also wants to buy the ryzen build in april to avoid stores being out of stock. The forum deffers this until aprilish.

Lightning Talk

Hack Potsdam: Post Mortem

Ben shows off the pictures from Hack Potsdam.

NYS Bill S618 - Fair Repair Act (

Kyle shows off a NYS bill that mandates that any consumer product, other than a car, has to give schematics on how to repair it to consumers.

The New Fsuvius “Rich Text” Grammar

Graham shows off Fsuvius’s new feature that allows you to edit your local javascript and css for the website.

Graham shows off a website that will recurse over itself.

Russian Involvement in US election

Marzieh shows off her presentation for the Network Security class. She shows off some of the types of bots used on Twitter durring the election.

Vault 7 Leaks Rundown

Mike shows off a leak of around 9000 classified documents partaining to the CIA’s cyberintelligents branch. The leaks were mostly exploits for iOS, Android, Windows and Linux.


Hunter shows off Googles new library for command line tools from python.

Project Updates (stat3)

Jared shows off the network data for all the services for management.


Putting together a group to work through Hacking: The Art of Exploitation

Abby is putting together a group to work through the book.

STOP stealing mice and keyboards from lab machines!

See title.

MP* directories

Jeanna announces that MP* pages should be up for sunday.

Open house

There will be an open house april First, for which Jeanna will not be here.


Hunter anounces the list of things that people want to get done over the summer and if anyone has any ideas to add it to the list on the board.

After Meeting Slot

Steve Signell from the Adirondack Atlas

Steve is giving a talk in the ITL about the Adirondack Atlas.