Forum Topics

Discard Old Dead Phoenix Motherboard

Jared wants to get rid of the dead motherboard, as it is taking up space and is useless. Mike recomends looking to see if it’s still under warenty, and if it’s not we will through it away.


Mike proposes leaving the futon where it is for a week to test run it.

De-crapping the lab

Jake reminds the lab to keep tidy, and to try and keep the space clear.

Reorganizing the lab

Jake suggests an finding an alternative to the forum, and says that meeting minutes arn’t as complete as they could be. Jake proposes taking more advantage of the CSLabs list. Ben proposes a five minute rule for the forum, like for lighning talks, when there is a lot of topics. The forum agrees that longer topics should be discussed on the list before the forum. Jake brings up the idea of rearranging the tables in the lab.

People sleeping in or across the hall

Jake reminds the lab to not sleep in the labs or across the hall, as it looks bad and campus safety doesn’t like it.

Hard drive for VR Labs

Bobby wants a $50 1tb drive for a WDBlue, or for $20 more a black, for the beast machines. The Forum discusses getting an SSD. We agree to bring a plan for an SSD to the next forum.

qgis in ITL

Jeanna tells the forum that next week, on thursday, there will be a qgis workshop and Jeanna wants to install it on the ITL machines.

Lightning Talk


Jared talls the lab that google intentionally broke sha1 to show that it’s aging. This may break some security and authentications systems.

Jupyter Notebooks: Interactive and sharable Python code

Ben shows off project Jupyter which is an interative viewer for notebooks.

Microshaft Winblows

Hunter Shows off Microshaft Winblows 98, a parody game about Windows 98, making fun of the high price of Microsoft products.


Thomas shows off the protocal that irobot uses to control there roomba, MQTT. This protocal is used for IOT devices, Facebook Messenger and by the NYTimes.

Project Updates


Jared and Graham are creating a ticketing system for COSI.


Hack Potsdam this Saturday

Ben announces that the doors for Hack Potsdam will open at 11am ish. Mike adds that there will be many talks at the event, and that we could use volenteers.

Talks Upgrade soon?™

Ben announces that Talks will be upgraded sometime soon.

March 8 and 9; Adirondack Atlas

Jeanna mentions that next week, steve mandel from the Adirondack Atlas, is coming and wants to teach us about there API’s in the after meeting slot and thursday there will be a workshop on GIS.

Midterm MP* on 3/15

Jeanna announces that the midterm presentations will be due the 15th.

After meeting slot film on 3/15

Jeanna is playing a film related to computer security on the 15th.

After Meeting Slot

Keyboard Cleaning Workshop

Kyle is crowd scourcing labor to clean all the keyboards in COSI.